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Piercing Aftercare

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After Care Instructions for
Standard Piercings:

1. Sea Salt Soaks:

First, fill a fresh disposable cup with approx. 8 oz. warm distilled water. Next, add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (NO IODIZED or TABLE SALT!) stirring until dissolved. When ready, either place the cup over the piercing -forming a vacuum-type seal, or dip the piercing into the cup. If either of these techniques are not possible, then pre-soak a fresh tissue or a handful of cotton balls in the sea salt solution and place it firmly onto your piercing. To promote effectiveness, the initial soak should last for at least 10 minutes. All additional soaks shold last 5-10 minutes. Rinse with fresh water. Do this for 30 minutes, once a day until healed.

2. Bacterial Soap:
The easiest and most comfortable way to clean your piercing is either during or following a hot shower. The hot water and steam will help to soften your skin and loosen the crust at the base of the jewelry (Making it easier to remove). While in the shower, wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap and water. BEWARE...soaps that contain fragrances may irritate your new piercing or cause allergic reactions. Next gently remove the crust with a disposable product such as a cotton ball, swab, or tissue.Then place some anti-bacterial soap in your hands and rub together as to create a nice lather. Gently wipe the jewelry and your piercing with the tips of your fingers, being careful not to scratch or iritate the area. Once the jewelry and piercing are lathered, spin the jewelry. If your starter jewelry is not a capative bead ring or circular barbell, try your best to perform the above process without overworking and irritating the area.

3. Ibuprofen
For those who are extremely sensitive, an over the counter anti-inflamatory such as Ibuprofen ( Motrin IB, Advil, etc. ) can be taken to help reduce swelling and relieve pain from your piercing.

Standard Piercing

1. Do not
remove jewelry to clean piercing for any reason until completely healed.

swimming pools, jacuzzi's, hot tubs, lake & ocean water until piercing is healed.

wash hands thouroghly with an anti-bacterial soap before handling any new or unhealed piercing.

Avoid Oral or Sexual contact
with new or washed piercings that have direct contact. Always use a sexual barrier if one cannot refrain from sexual contact.

Do not pick or scratch at your new piercing!

After Care Instructions for
ORAL Piercings:

1. Sea Salt Rinse:

Sea salt soaks will help heal your piercing. First, fill a fresh disposable cup with approx. 8 oz. of warm water & 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, stirring until dissolved. Rinse your mouth for approx. 15-30 seconds. Sea salt rinses should be performed after smoking or drinking anything other than water. (Note: My clients have achieved great success by substituting an oral grade rinse for a sea salt rinse.

2. Oral Rinse:
The optimal way to care for your new piercing is to rinse your mouth for 30-60 seconds with a medical grade oral rinse (such as Tech 2000) after every meal or anytime anything goes in your mouth including smoke. If a medical rinse is not readily available , use an anti-septic mouthwash (Such as Listerine), diluted to half strength for the first 2 weeks to avoid irritating the piercing. Make a daily habit of checking the "Balls on the Barbell" to seee if they are screwed on tightly.

3. Ice:
Ice and other cold liquids can help reduce swelling that occasionally accompany a new piercing. Ice cream, Ice pops & frozen yogurt are also good ways to help reduce swelling, but be sure to perform an oral rinse or a sea salt soak following your snack. Swelling tends to last 3-5 days at most.

4. Ibuprofen
For those who are extremely sensitive, an over the counter anti-inflamatorysuch as Ibuprofen ( Motrin IB, Advil, etc. ) can be taken to help reduce swelling and relieve pain from your piercing.

Oral Piercing

1. Do not use
antiseptics such as Glyoxide, for these products can irritate a new piercing.

any alcoholic beverages of any kind. - These don't fall under the cold liquids rule!

Do not use products
that naturally irritate your mouth should be avoided. Products include: salsa, lemons, limes or fruits with high citrus content, etc.

Remember.....After your new oral piercing is healed it is recommended to change the original piercing jewelry to a new piece fitted to the piercing.


 Call your piercer if you have any questions
during the healing. More info to follow.
(404) 781-8000